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Artist Statement

Artist Statement
"For a long time, my paintings were expressions of my emotions and life experiences." 
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     They were little documented horrors and loves that I collected that expressed who I was or what I was interested in at a time in my life. When I look back through my hundreds of drawings and paintings, I can see a maturing spirit trying to find a voice through all the chaos, attempting to coalesce, or at least navigate between the perils of a various existence amongst a larger community. It wasn’t until I found the Cassowary that I began to find a theme and expression that could speak more broadly to an audience beyond myself.

Emerge: A Powerful Transformation of Beauty and Strength

     The Cassowary introduced me to the carnivorous beauty of the bird world and became a symbol of beauty, fierce ugliness, and the boldness of the human spirit.  I wanted to connect to the audience by showing the world through the transformation between bird and man and exploring the symmetries in symbolisms therein. Looking back on my life and tracing what birds mean to me I can see a path from the story of the blue bird of happiness my grandmother told me, to the use of birds and animal heads in Egyptian art, to the book the Painted Bird written by Jerzy Kosinski who writes of the persecution of the individual amongst the flock. This symbolic path of the bird was something I could see shared with others. The Bird has been a symbol of everything from freedom to horror. The bird has so many meanings to so many people that it leaves an open-ended imaginary place for the viewer to connect their ideas.

     I use movement in my artwork because it helps emphasize the stillness of a moment. The freezing of objects in space or the blurring effects of motion remind me of how quickly life appears to move around us, as from our own internal perspective, we feel as if we are

standing still.  We live in a digital age of fast pictures, fast memes, fast text messages, and our connection to each other and the world is spat out through this grinder of attention deficit media. Using oil and acrylic paint allows me to share an artistic moment with the viewer asking them to make their own story, or question what beauty is, or how we treat each other. The medium is slow and nostalgic of time.

     Each one of my paintings starts with a playlist inspired by the mix tapes I used to make as a teen growing up in the 90’s. Each tape has a theme, or mood that connects the songs together and a title I create that is a word salad of this theme. Each of my bird paintings is named after the mixtape I created as the inspiration for my painting.

     Talking about my artwork has always been hard for me because I choose to work in the language of pictures. Pictures and colors and space speak in multidimensions and meaning. To attempt to clarify seems to leave so much out. As an artist you are often asked what kind of work you do with the expectation of describing it in a few sentences.

Mirror Tripping Girl - Enigmatic Transformations
     "My default answer today is that my paintings are like a Baroque painter got thrown into a cartoon world and then was put into a surrealist blender."


Wandering Landslides in the Garden: Seeking Refuge and Liberation
Wandering Landslides in the Garden

Acrylic on Canvas

30in x 40in

Welcome to the captivating world of "Wandering Landslides in the Garden," a painting that explores the profound emotional journey of the artist during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Mr. Ubiquitous: A Portrait of Contrasts

Acrylic on Canvas with wood and metal frame

30in x 24in

Step into the mesmerizing world of "Mr. Ubiquitous," a thought-provoking painting that juxtaposes elements of weariness and resilience, elegance and chaos.

Mr. Ubiquitous: A Portrait of Contrasts
Emerge: A Powerful Transformation of Beauty and Strength
Emerge: A Powerful Transformation of Beauty and Strength

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

29in x 18in

Enter the mesmerizing world of "Emerge," a painting that captures the essence of metamorphosis and the profound power of personal transformation.

Mirror Tripping Girl

Acrylic on Canvas

40in x 30in

Behold the captivating painting titled "Mirror Tripping Girl." This surreal masterpiece is a remarkable blend of imagination and symbolism, inviting you to explore the boundaries of reality.

Mirror Tripping Girl - Enigmatic Transformations
Leather Jacket Transmissions
Leather Jacket Transmissions

Acrylic on Canvas

48in x 36in

Welcome to the captivating world of "Leather Jacket Transmissions," a surreal painting that challenges perceptions and delves into the realm of counter culture.

Collapsing COVID Lung: A Delicate Encounter at the Nail Salon

Acrylic on Canvas

48in x 60in

Step into the thought-provoking world of "Collapsing COVID Lung," a painting that explores the profound impact of the pandemic on everyday activities.

Collapsing COVID Lung: A Delicate Encounter at the Nail Salon
Cherry Samurai
Currently in Progress:
Cherry Samurai

Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned piece currently in progress.

Project 6
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     Violet Jen is a Native Texan who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art-Painting and a minor in art History from the University of Houston. She has been an artist since early childhood and has been part of the Houston art community as both an educator and artist since 2005. Violet’s artwork has been exhibited at several art events, including the Art Climb of Houston, The Glow in the Dark and Paint Pour Art show hosted by The Mind Garden and the Baytown Artist Alliance, and the Art Walk of Houston.

     One of her earliest series focused on the subcultures of the early to mid-nineties and the anguishes and angsts of teenagers living in those tumultuous and apathetic times, told thorough the stories of the teenage tragedies of those around her.

     Her current series, entitled simply “Birds” is a depiction of the bizarre dichotomy of the beauty and ugliness in the modern human condition. Choosing to showcase this work through the traditional medium of oil and acrylic painting draws a connection to the sameness of this dichotomy throughout human history despite living in a digital age. This series has recently procured a book deal, tentatively releasing in the fall of 2024.

     Violet Jen Art presents an exquisite collection of affordable and distinctive artwork suitable for your home, office, or any vacant wall space. Our offerings include original art series available for purchase or the option to commission a customized artwork tailored to your preferences. We are also highly skilled in creating captivating set backdrops.

     For clients within the continental United States, we provide convenient shipping services to deliver Violet's artwork directly to your doorstep. If you wish to place an order from outside the US, please reach out to Violet directly for personalized arrangements.

     If you reside in the Greater Houston area, we extend our expertise in crafting mesmerizing murals or working on-site to enhance your surroundings. Experience the transformative power of Violet Jen Art firsthand.

     For further inquiries or to explore our portfolio, please visit our website at

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